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House Brews

Ultimate Elixir Amber Ale

American Style Amber Ale brewed with cascade hops and caramelized malts

Prime Ale

It's mysterious yet satisfying and our secret house recipe

Brown Eyed Babe

Brewed with American hops

3-Hop Slant IPA

A balanced blend of Centennial, Cascade, and Citra hops all in a great brew!

Cascadence Pale Ale

A Single-hop American Style Pale Ale brewed with 100% Civil Sass Cascade Hops

Master Splinter's Ale-legation

Allegedly, its an Ale!


Matt's Centennial IPA

IPA with a plethora of Centennial hops


There is Ale, there is Lager, and there is Kolsch...which is lagered Ale!

Peanut Butter Stout

Peanut butter and Stout...not too heavy on the peanut butter

Boats 'N Oats

Stout with a ton of Oats!

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